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Exocet mission

What would you say to a kit car for $15k? Exocet NZ’s Tom Carpenter reckons that’s what his exo-skeletal two-seater Exocet will cost you to build. It’s based on MX-5 mechanicals, and he reckons anyone can make one, as you need ‘no prior mechanical expertise or specialist tools’. The performance advantage over an MX-5 is via weight loss, because the new car is only 600kg.

The first demonstrator should be on the road before the end of the year.

For more info | www.exocet.co.nz

Media Release July 24 2011

Press Release                                                                          24 July 2011

Exocet Cars Ltd is excited to announce the manufacture of the MEV Exocet kitset car in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Exocet is a New Zealand first, being a locally manufactured exo-skeletal car.

Exocet is a kit car based on a single donor vehicle, the Mazda Miata / MX5 / Roadster. Benefits include:

  • Best value kit on offer in NZ. Expect to get a car on the road from NZ$15k
  • Easiest kit car to build, with no prior mechanical expertise or specialist tools required
  • Unique styling
  • Retains the reliability of the MX5, with much enhanced performance through drastic weight reduction

Tom Carpenter, Director of Exocet Cars said “we’re really excited to have the NZ license to manufacture these brilliant kits for Kiwis. They are incredibly popular in the UK with 100 kits sold in the first year and no sign of letting up. With this much fun, for this little money, I just hope we can keep up with demand!”

The first demonstrator will be on the road by the end of 2011.

Exocet Cars can be reached at exocet.co.nz or 021 626 406

Full media release here



MX5 kit car donor sub-frames stripped

Well, pretty slow progress of late – I’ve had to overhaul the brakes and suspension on my aging Terrano to pass the latest warrant of fitness.

The kit car donor has still had a little attention, I have now stripped down the rear subframe, started to strip the front and also taken receipt of a few new serviceable parts.

Exocet is coming to New Zealand !!!

Adam Wikins
Features editor ‘Complete kit car’ magazine

” You would not believe how good the Exocet kit car is”.

Steve Hole
Editor of Total Kit Car magazine

” MEV Ltd is what the kit car industry should be all about”.


MX5 donor parts start to get an tidy-up

Most of you will buy an MX5 to strip down for your donor parts – you’ll see in the builders’ forum that you can sell the parts not needed to save a lot of money in the build cost.

I bought a ‘donor pack’ of parts on TradeMe which comprised nearly everything I will need to get the first NZ made Exocet on the road. I’m missing a radiator, the rear section of exhaust, the cowl for the instrument cluster, a handbrake lever and probably a couple of other small items. It was originally destined to become an MG replica – but not any more!!

I’ve had these parts for a few months waiting for Exocet NZ to get off the ground – now it’s happening, I thought it about time I get them ready to go into what will be the demonstrator Exocet.