MX5 kit car donor sub-frames stripped

Well, pretty slow progress of late – I’ve had to overhaul the brakes and suspension on my aging Terrano to pass the latest warrant of fitness.

The kit car donor has still had a little attention, I have now stripped down the rear subframe, started to strip the front and also taken receipt of a few new serviceable parts.

Exocet is coming to New Zealand !!!

Adam Wikins
Features editor ‘Complete kit car’ magazine

” You would not believe how good the Exocet kit car is”.

Steve Hole
Editor of Total Kit Car magazine

” MEV Ltd is what the kit car industry should be all about”.


MX5 donor parts start to get an tidy-up

Most of you will buy an MX5 to strip down for your donor parts – you’ll see in the builders’ forum that you can sell the parts not needed to save a lot of money in the build cost.

I bought a ‘donor pack’ of parts on TradeMe which comprised nearly everything I will need to get the first NZ made Exocet on the road. I’m missing a radiator, the rear section of exhaust, the cowl for the instrument cluster, a handbrake lever and probably a couple of other small items. It was originally destined to become an MG replica – but not any more!!

I’ve had these parts for a few months waiting for Exocet NZ to get off the ground – now it’s happening, I thought it about time I get them ready to go into what will be the demonstrator Exocet.