Introducing Kiwi Build 2 & 3

For those of you who are keen to follow a local build – it’s your lucky day.

Ian is kiwi build 2. He’s based on the north shore, and be very easy to spot on the roads with his kit in sunfusion.

Graeme is kiwi build 3. Based in Wellington he’s gone for a black kit.

If you have any questions or are curious about the build process, feel free to pose your questions to these gents. Both Ian and Graeme are happy to share their journey.

Exocet kit car exhibiting at Speedshow

Come and see the Exocet at this year’s CRC Speedshow at ASB Showgrounds, Auckland on 21 and 22 July.

Read the press release here.

Build log started (long overdue and playing catch-up!)


Well, it’s about time I started to capture some of the activity that has had me spend so much of my spare time in the garage – building the first NZ Exocet – that will also sever as the first demonstrator car too.

You can read my build log on the MEV owners forum here.

I’ll bring it up to date over the next few days.

Exocet Kit Car wins “Best Engineering” at 4 & Rotary Ardmore Showdown

I must admit – it came as a bit of a surprise, this being our first outing to a car show, to win an award! We’re stoked to have Best Engineering – not bad for a kit car that has still got a few months building left to do!!Exocet kit car wins Best Engineering award

Exocet kit car at 4andRotary Ardmore Showdown

After getting the chassis back from the powder coaters on Friday, a busy Saturday saw the installation of the floors, as well as the brake and fuel lines, before the chassis was lowered onto the donor parts.

I then installed the peddle boxes, brake and clutch master cylinders and the steering column. This gave me a rolling chassis for the first time.

Then, it was a last-minute borrow of a friends car trailer, and trip to the 4andRotary Ardmore Showdown. I lay the body panels onto the chassis, to give an idea of what the finished car will look like.

I was really pleased at the response from everyone who saw it – I spent the entire day talking to people from all walks of life who were interested in the car. Thank you for all that came up for a chat.

Exocet kit car at Ardmore Showdown

Exocet kit car at Ardmore Showdown

Exocet kit car now advertising on trademe.

Check out our shiny new ad on trademe!

Now the first chassis has been produced, we’ve hit the ‘go’ button and are now taking orders!

The first NZ-built Exocet kit car chassis is completed.

The much anticipated first chassis has come off the production floor at HiTech Motorsport. Fabrication involves professional MIG welding, in a full jig. This ensures every chassis is totally accurate and correct.

Currently the first chassis is away for powder-coating and the jig is ready for NZ chassis No. 2.

The donor car parts are ready to accept the chassis and so as soon as it is back from the powder coaters, assembly will start of the first demonstrator.


The “pattern” first kit has arrived from the UK!

So, now I have my hands on the complete kit from the UK. I am in the process of having a jig and first NZ chassis professionally made by HiTech Motorsport, as well as NZ professionally made body panels by A.B. Marine.

Meanwhile, work continues on the donor car for kit car number 1. I have a rolling power-plant frame now, so there’s not a whole lot left to do without the rest of the kit…

Exocet kit due into Auckland soon!

The first kit, which will be the ‘pattern’ for all NZ kits is on a ship and due into Auckland on 10 October.

We’ll do our best to get a New Zealand made kit fully packaged up by mid November and therefore expect to be able to start supplying from mid December.

And yes, I am, for one, very excited!!

Exocet subframes sent to powder coaters

Looking forward to picking up the subframes end of this week – I dropped them off to be powder coated to get the brand-new look and for the added durability for what will be the demonstrator car.

The parts were in very good nick, and I was tempted to paint them up, but I think the powder-coating will result in a really nice finish.