Exocet has a NEW OWNER


From 1 Jan 2016 Exocet NZ will be under new ownership.

Rest assured, the supply of new kits and the support for existing builders will continue seamlessly.

Our new owner is extremely excited and passionate about all things automotive. Check back here, or better still on the Facebook page for latest news.


Exocet Cars looking for new owner

We have decided that with the increased time demands of the day job and other hobbies (sailing) it is time to pass the baton that is Exocet Kit Cars NZ to someone else.

We will take orders on kits until 1 Jan 2016, so if you want to order before it changes, get in touch before then.

Likewise, if you’re keen to get involved with running the business, please make contact. Exocets are appearing on the road as people complete them – there’s a solid base from which to develop the business and sell lots more!

Four Exocets meet for the first time in NZ

With Exocets spread far and wide in NZ, it was great to have four in the same convoy for a trip out to Maraetai.

The "citrus" fleet !

The “citrus” fleet !

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Exocet on facebook

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Exocet needs to be driven!!

The demonstrator car has been on the road since about November (2013) and has clocked up over 4000 km at last count.

Often the car is in the garage and being used as an elaborate cat bed… The car is there to be DRIVEN – so please get in touch and come and drive it!!

This Exocet needs to be driven!

This Exocet needs to be driven!


The latest Exocet is completed !!

Now we need to wait patiently for compliance and certification. We’re pretty pleased with how this one has come out in red. Second build is a lot quicker than the first too – less than five weeks from collecting the chassis from the powder coaters to completed car!

Completed in under five weeks!

Exocet at the Constructors Car Club 25th Anniversary Car Show

We took the latest soon-to-be-completed Exocet down to Wellington for this fantastic show.

While the rain didn’t stop for the long trip down, the sun shone long and bright on both days of the show.

We were blown away by the amount of amazing people we met, showing lots of interest in the Exocet. Many thanks for coming to the show, talking to us, and even for taking a sit in the car!

Exocet kit car – read all about it – NZ Autocar Magazine article !!!

Check it out – have a read of the June edition of NZ Autocar – there’s a great article about the Exocet kit car in there!

Exocet #2 is on the road !!!! Whooop whooop !!!!

Exocet kit car #2 is on the road!

Father and son team Steve and Scott built their car not only in double quick time, but to an exceptionally high standard. “Agent Orange” is an 1800 version and goes as well as it looks. Congratulations Steve and Scott!!

Exocet kit car out in the sun

With number plates in the car, we took the Exocet out for its first few outings, in the stunning Auckland sunshine. Check out the photos on our home page!