Exocet kit car at 4andRotary Ardmore Showdown

After getting the chassis back from the powder coaters on Friday, a busy Saturday saw the installation of the floors, as well as the brake and fuel lines, before the chassis was lowered onto the donor parts.

I then installed the peddle boxes, brake and clutch master cylinders and the steering column. This gave me a rolling chassis for the first time.

Then, it was a last-minute borrow of a friends car trailer, and trip to the 4andRotary Ardmore Showdown. I lay the body panels onto the chassis, to give an idea of what the finished car will look like.

I was really pleased at the response from everyone who saw it – I spent the entire day talking to people from all walks of life who were interested in the car. Thank you for all that came up for a chat.

Exocet kit car at Ardmore Showdown

Exocet kit car at Ardmore Showdown

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